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High Desert Singletrack

By November 22, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

It’s always a special treat to ride the trails where I first mountain biked. I remember riding up around Elena Gallegos on my $300 bike, having a great time. Some things don’t change… I still smile and have a great time in the North and South Foothills trails (rode them all today!), but the skill level and speed improve every year!

I rode the hardtail today. The trails are pretty mellow, but a few spots made it evident that I was on a hardtail, and I had to tweak my riding style a little bit – can’t sit there and be as lazy over the rocks!



It was about 60F.  I started in knee warmers, arm warmers, and a vest which were soon taken off, and put it in my Ergon pack.


There were so many people on the trails today… the trailhead parking lot was full, and cars were lined up down the road.  I have never seen it so busy!  It actually made me happy to see all the people enjoying their Sunday, spending time running, hiking, and riding.  I saw a lot more people out road riding yesterday than usual too.



I am still itching to try out a singlespeed….


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