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Hiiizzottt out

By June 14, 2006No Comments

I just checked the blog to find out that RAAM has made it’s way into the beautiful state of Colorado. I hope it’s not as hot down south for them as it is here. It reached 101 today in Boulder. WOOOWEEE. After finishing my pb&honeyville cinammon honey(my FAVORITE, from Durango) sandwich, I’m heading out to brave the heat wave. I just hope my Cytomax doesn’t turn into hot tea too fast. I have a hard work-out cut out for me today, but not nearly as much as our pals doing RAAM. I read that the 4 person male team from Vail is in first. I think that is Nat’s team. YEAH NAT! and the 8 person team type 1 is in second. Not half bad for an all diabetic coed team. 😉 I am relieved to finish a very short week at work. It’s been a tough couple days trying to work a full day AND get in a 3-4 hour ride. I’m off to NYC tomorrow afternoon to visit my first friend I ever made, Lara. However, that means I have to really push it to get my training hours in for the week before I go!

I decided that I have had it with commuting to Denver by car and getting frazzled with the traffic, so Monday I got a bus pass. RTD is the best bus system in the country and man, do I love NOT driving to work. I save money, the environment, and…my sanity! I can ride my bike to the bus stop, but my bike on the bus, get off in downtown Denver, and ride to work! Instead of feeling the angst rising as I see the red brake lights flashing in the parking lot of cars in front of me, I can sit in a comfortable, air conditioned bus, whizzing down to HOV lane reading Velonews. Sweet.

Today I really will take some pics on my ride…I checked and the battery is NOT dead. More later…

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