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Hiking in Boulder

By November 23, 2008March 22nd, 20175 Comments

Instead of hopping on the bike today, Anne and I went for a hike up at the Chautauqua trails in Boulder. They are always packed with people, but we took the less crowded trails. I haven’t hiked up there in many months, and it was nice to revisit the area on my own two feet.

PB234963 We walked up.

PB234971Anne and I have the same watch – the Suunto Lumi. I can’t remember when I calibrated my watch last, and neither could Anne. I thought it’d be a fun test to see how our watched measured next to each other. To my surprise, they were EXACTLY the same, down to the foot! That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.


Colorado style “slickrock” (granite). I always seem to be going straight into the sun.

Temps were a bit chilly in the shade, but overall it was sunny and nice.


The BD2 was great for hiking today! I also got to finally wear my new Prana Convertible Pants out on a hike. The zipper feature was awesome so I could have shorts going up and pants coming down!



We went up… and then back down.  The rock formations were cool.

Tomorrow is back to work, and I start base miles on Tuesday.  I’m going home to Albuquerque on Wed night.  I am shipping a bike home to use over Xmas and Thanksgiving, so I will get to go mountain biking (instead of running like last time) on all my favorite trails. Yipee!


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