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Hit the trail… one way or another.

By October 24, 20083 Comments

Well, sort of. Temps were a peachy 70 degrees today. Since I don’t have my mountain bike, but I can’t come to ABQ and not pay my favorite trails a visit. I laced up my running kicks and hit the dirt, but just for an hour. I really enjoy trail running, but it was kind of funny to be running on the trails I learned to mountain bike on. ABQ’s open space is the best kept secret. shhhhh… you can ride on trails for hours and you can do it year-round!

I intend to visit some of my favorite local breweries in ABQ (like Chama Brewery) and tonight, I’m trying a new place called Marble Brewery. I am a bit spoiled living in the microbrewery mecca of the US at least, but I definitely appreciate some malt and hops in my diet, and trying new things!

Also, this weekend is Veloswap (in Denver). It’s a super fun event, plenty of bike porn. Make sure you stop by the Ergon booth, give Jeff and Carney a hard time, and get your hands on some blow-out priced grips. Booyah!


  • Guitar Ted says:

    Yeah, I met a guy from one of the bike shops in ABQ that told me all about the trails out there. (Well, that and something about “weed”, I dunno….) Anyway, sometime I’ll have to tell you that story. 🙂

  • Tim says:

    Je veux aussi une fois venir de rouler chez vous. Mais c’est un peu loin d’ici (et un peu cher pour le moment). Bon courage et pas trop sou ce soir………..
    Greetz from a belgium biker 😉

  • Brian Stevens says:


    Why not get a Single Speed MTB and just leave it at your parents place for when you visit? A Redline Monocog is inexpensive and alot of fun.

    Just a thought…..

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