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Hitting the reset button

By September 16, 2009March 22nd, 20174 Comments

It’s been a pretty busy last few months. When you stop and look at everything that has happened… it’s been a lot of time on the bike, a lot of amazing singletrack, and great race courses. I have one month until 24 Hours of Moab (racing a duo with Yuki) The summer always seems to fly by at warp speed and here is why: I have been racing a 75+ mile race every other weekend since July, and 50+ every other weekend since… oh March or April? (although June had some down time!) No wonder I am tired!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year to ride. Temperatures are perfect, the light is perfect, and the great fall colors in the mountains. This week, I’m getting in what riding I can before going to Interbike. We leave Friday for St. George, and then head to Vegas on Sunday.

Monday, I headed to one of my favorite local trails in Boulder. I rode it a lot this spring, but it’s been awhile – Heil Ranch and Picture Rock. It’s pretty rocky, so I decided to bring the hard tail, get rattled around, and work on my technical and upper body strength. GREAT TIME! I bumped into a few of my friends out there who had the same idea.

Tuesday, my newest riding buddy – Eddie, and I went up to Nederland which, for trails within 45 minutes of town, is my favorite place to go.
(photo, courtesy of the great photographer)

I like riding with Eddie because he brings the big bike – the kind with a ton of travel. The kind where you drop the seat to go downhill… and that he does, very quickly. It’s great practice really… I try my hardest to keep up with him (and inevitably get dropped everytime), but it’s making me even fast downhill! He does things I am afraid to try which always makes me want to be a better rider… like this stuff:

Ever take it off any sweet jumps? Why yes… he does.


and the rest of the day can speak for itself…




“No Sonya… you should drop your seat!” I think I might try it next time! Or maybe get one of these.

I was going to hit up the trails in Golden, CO today… but got a sinus headache that I can’t shake, and my neck hurts. Taking the day off the bike, and hoping to jump back on it tomorrow. I can’t get sick right before Interbike. No, no no. The good news is there is no mucus… Hopefully Sourdough/St Vrain tomorrow with that Kerkove guy.

After Interbike, I gotta get above treeline before it’s covered with snow!


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