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Hitting the road to Fruita

By April 11, 2008No Comments

in 15 minutes!  I’m excited to kick off the mountain states cup series, and hopefully I’ll have gained some fitness from last week.  There is a TT tomorrow and the XC on Sunday.  It’s in western colorado which is a little desert-y, so hopefully the weather will hold out.  It was snowing here in Boulder all day yesterday and is ominous today too.  One more month till no more snow. woohoo!

I got my cat 2 upgrade on the road (yaaay) so I will going to Tour of the Gila in 2 weeks.  I am excited to race my Cannondale SuperSix road bike.  It is totally amazing.  🙂  mmm-hmmm!  Sea Otter next weekend too.  I can’t wait to see the ocean!!!!

I guess I won the doucheblog championships.  Weird. I guess I don’t need airbrushing, just 2 boobs and a sense of humor.  Whoda thunk?

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