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Hola from the Querque

By October 23, 20085 Comments

It’s always a surreal feeling flying into the Albuquerque area, with the full frontal view Sandia mountains. I love coming home, but I can’t quite explain the feeling. It’s like I never left, yet like I have been gone for a really long time.

Anyway, I have been taking ‘er easy this week after my shenanigans last weekend on the bike. I’m going to do a bit of running while I’m here, and hop back on my two wheeled chariots next week. The off-season is officially over mid-November, so I better enjoy the lax riding schedule and do some more hiking, running, climbing, and other various assorted outdoor activities.

I’m finally getting settled into my new place. I like the location a lot better because it’s way more central to Boulder, and since I get around mainly by bike, my commute times are much shorter. I also might have mentioned that we moved part of our work office (Standard Renewable Energy) to another location which ironically is 3 blocks from my new place. Perfect for the winter months. It is certainly evident that the menacing winter is imminent as temps were a chilly 25 degrees until about 10 AM today. I didn’t do much skiing last year, but I intend to hit up the slopes at least a couple times while the mercury drops on the thermometer. I’d really like to try skate skiing too. I dig the hard effort, and the last few times I downhill skied, I felt cheated out of a workout. Sort of like riding the lifts to practice a Super-D course without doing the climb. I’m sick like that.

Studly K rode down from the Fort Collins to hang out with me in Boulder last night. It’s cool that it’s only a 2.5-3 hour ride. That’s pretty much the only place I drive at the moment, so I guess I’ll cut out most driving altogether and start riding up there as time and weather allows. Turns out the next car repair is to change my alternator belt which is no biggie, but still a pain, and to get some new tires. Mine are bald. Woops. With all the extra long commutes coming up, it’s a good thing for my supa fly pack. It’s what we used for the Winter Park expedition. Right now, there is only one pack between Jeff and I since it hasn’t been released in the U.S. I got too spoiled from the beauty of the weight distribution of the pack. I didn’t feel like checking bags today, so I stuffed a large daypack I have (frameless) full of my clothes and lugged that beast around. Sure enough, my shoulders are in pain after that… I miss my Ergon pack. I think they’ll be out in November, so Jeff and I won’t have to share anymore. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll keep you updated with the haps, but I’m mostly catching up with friends and fam till Sunday when I will venture back to the people’s Republic,


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