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Home sweeeeet home

By February 1, 2010March 22nd, 2017No Comments

It feels great to be back home in Colorado! The one good thing about taking a week off the bike is how much more you appreciate it when you get to ride again.

I went back to old faithful this weekend – riding up to Gold Hill. It never disappoints!


Still winter at higher elevations, but it’s been nice in town!

Dropping down to the town.

Et voila!

The Continental Mountain Kings, although not studded, are still pretty good on the snow.

My pockets are always stuffed full when riding up the canyons in the winter. I always have a pair of warmer gloves, an extra jacket, an extra hat, and sometimes other stuff too. It always feels weird for the first warm rides in the spring/summer where you don’t feel like a pack mule.

Onward with quality training this week! Carpe Diem!

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