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Home sweet home…

By July 1, 2007March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Sort of. Wah, I miss the fam. I do have the coolest family ever, but at least I will see everyone (even my cousin!!) in Hawaii next month. WOOOO HOOO. I CANNOT wait.

This is the first weekend I have spent at home since mid April. It’s nice although it is 100 out right now. I rode this morning with Caitlyn up at Ned. My legs are super tired and I’m not sleeping well again… just like in April when I got really overtrained. I am proceeding with caution this week.

caitlyn, showing me who is boss.

I love the Ned trails….

Brian, Liz, and I were going to camp on friday, but we were all too tired. Instead we drank wine and Brian took videos of Liz and I playing duets (viola/flute). We are so psyched that we went to the store to get more duet books. Finally, a reason to practice my flute. After hearing the videos, I am ashamed of myself for being so lazy and must play more often! 🙂 At least I have someone to play with now. Liz has all the pics/videos on her camera. I may add some later. (They are on her blog too)

I think Liz has had a little too much preschool time….

Me impersonating Liz’s viola

Liz and I having fun. The slapping sound is a slap wrap bracelet I got at the toy store the other day. Remember those?

I have been spending the afternoon with the curtains drawn and the fan on to get away from the heat. That’s right people, Boulder doesn’t believe in AC. awww, now I’m caught up on the blogging too.

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