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How Do You Make a Guitar?

By April 10, 2016March 21st, 2017No Comments
My travel schedule is going to slow down when I get back from Joberg2C, my next stage race. It’s a 9 day, 900km mountain stage race in South Africa.  Being home a little more means more time for my other passions like playing guitar!
Elly Guitars is my guitar partner.  They chose me as their first Ambassador this year. You can read about it here ! The cool thing about Elly is that you can make a completely custom guitar and it is handmade in the USA.  Every single detail is scrutinized; the type of wood, the sound, the shape of the guitar, the pick-ups, fingerboard markers- everything.  Their newsletter features a different wood each time so you learn about origin, sound, and more.  My new guitar is almost ready.  It’s made of Pau Ferro, a Brazilian or Bolivian wood known for its sound clarity, and a beautifully full and resonant tone.  I can’t wait to play it!
They made me a special video of MY exact guitar being made.  Super cool, check it out!

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