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How do you Suunto?

By September 12, 2008March 22nd, 20176 Comments

I have had a lot of questions about my new Suunto altimeter watch. And no, I am not writing this because they sponsor me, I am writing this because I just think it’s a dandy product.


The Suunto Lumi is so cool, that even my best bud, Anne has one and all my other girlfriends want one.  Pretty rad.  And no, that is not MY left hand. Take a breath.  hahaha 😀  Mine is the right hand.


And if you and your guy want to look ultra cool, he can get the Suunto Core . That’s outdoor gear junkie heaven.


and you can hang out at the coffee shop.

But seriously, down to business.  The Suunto Lumi and the Suunto Core are not heart rate monitors.  However, there are Suuntos with a heart rate monitor.  Jeff has one, and he likes it a lot.  The T6 is a really cool one…one that I hope to own someday. Someday!!! I really like the ad with the EKG, but that’s because I’m a nerd and I read physiology books for fun. B-)

It comes with a thorough instruction booklet that can be daunting at first, but you just have to have the patience to read through it. However, if you have clicked on the links above, the websites for the different models are very interactive and user friendly. Supa cool! It measures altitude based on barometric pressure, so the measurement varies with the weather. It’s not too far off, but as an enginerd, I wish it was a little more accurate. However, that’s just something you have to accept with that type of measurement, and it’s pretty standard across altimeter watches. A cool feature of the Suunto Lumi is that you can buy different straps. Yes, I am a girl and all, so cool colors are always a plus. I just need to somehow find a way to save my pennies. I swear there is a huge hole in my wallet. It goes somewhere….somewhere…

That said, ENJOY! 😀


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