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Meagan Duhamel is the perfect blend of power, poise, flexibility, and grace on the ice.  As a figure skater since the age of 3, her entire life has been dedicated to being a hard working and multi-faceted athlete.  With parter Eric Radford, she is a 2x Olympian.  She won a gold medal this year in the team event and a bronze in the pairs event.  In 2014, they won a silver medal in the team event.  She and Eric are also 2x World Champions amd Meagan has been the Canadian National Champion 7x.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of her impressive accolades.  I first met Meagan just 2 weeks ago on an athlete panel at the Toronto VegFest.  I loved her inspiring attitude and stories about how changing her diet 10 years ago changed the trajectory of her career.  This is a fascinating podcast episode going into the mental and emotional aspect of figure skating, discussion about how Meagan’s best performances coincided in the highest pressure environments, and also about her plant-based diet and the food they feed athletes at the Olympics (like there’s a 24 hour McDonald’s!).

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Body acceptance and growing up as a figure skater
  • How Meagan handles the pressure of performance
  • Pair skating vs individual skating
  • Mental toughness and being able to move on from mistakes
  • How Meagan views competition
  • Why Meagan decided to change her diet
  • Eating plant-based at the Olympics
  • Meagan’s nutrition tips for athletes
  • What retirement from competition looks like

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