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A lot of people are surprised when they find out I have Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.  Sometimes I even forget because I finished my Master’s 11 years ago.  Time flies!  I’m excited to share this story and speech with you.  It’s so hard to know what we want to do in university or even when we get out of university.  I was fortunate enough to find mountain biking halfway through my undergrad.  I was in the engineering program at UNM and even rode for UNM Collegiate Cycling Team!  This was a speech I gave a couple weeks ago at the Western Michigan University to their engineering school.  It’s about my path through my Master’s Degree and how mountain biking began to shift my perception of what I was capable of. It’s about feeling dissatisfied with a traditional path I was following because I really wasn’t passionate about it.   This talk is about how I created my own path.  The thing that was interesting about this talk is that I go into detail about the life lessons that being an engineer taught me, and how that helps me as both a mountain biker and as an entrepreneur.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • The experience of being in engineering school
  • Almost failing out of my first semester of grad school
  • how to learn how to have self-compassion when you don’t meet expectations
  • Changing my mindset
  • the major pivot points in my life
  • how I created my own path
  • the top 6 ways engineering helped me be grittier as a mountain biker
  • being a female in a male dominated industry

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