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Vanessa Van Edwards is one of my heroines.  She studies what makes people tick.  More specifically- the science of people.  Vanessa is a best selling author and behavioral investigator.  She creates compelling, super helpful, and instantly applicable advice on how to be successful in any social situation.  Vanessa has been featured on NPR, the Wall Street Journal, the Today Show and USA Today. She has written for CNN, Fast Company and Forbes and is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur magazine.  She also speaks across the globe to Fortune 500 companies.

I discovered Vanessa from her book, Captivate.  As a professional people watcher, Vanessa created a guidebook on how to make great first impressions, how to have dazzling conversation, how to be likeable, creating social game plans, being able to read people and uncover hidden emotions, how to get the best from people and from yourself, how to speak so people will listen and so much more.  We barely scratched the surface of the massive value and gold mine of information Vanessa provides.  Today, we went straight into the heart of it: how to crack someone’s personality which is also a chapter in her book.  You’ll learn about the 5 ways to classify someone’s personality, how speed read a person’s personality, and how to interact in ways that will set you both up for success in your relationship – this applies to anything from work colleagues to significant others.  As someone who loves analyzing, learning, and understanding “why” about pretty much everything, I find Vanessa’s brilliant contributions to be helpful every day.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • The Big 5 Personality Traits: OCEAN
  • The Platinum Rule
  • How to decode each trait
  • What is an ambivert?
  • What the word neurotic actually means
  • how to use the big 5 to create successful relationships
  • can you export worrying?

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