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A common question I get emailed to me is what I eat on race day.  Race nutrition is very individual – what works for one person may not work for another.  In this episode, I sat down with GU Energy LabsNutrition & Performance Research Manager, Roxanne Vogel  to help give you guys some guidelines on how to create your own personalized race nutrition plan.  This applies to any endurance sport.    

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

    • The keys to structuring your race nutrition plan
    • how many calories to start with per hour
    • how long to digest gel vs solid food
    • how to come back around when you make a nutrition mistake
    • chews vs gels
    • hydration strategies
    • how to use caffeine in endurance racing
    • what to eat and when on race morning
    • what to eat after your workout for recovery
    • do you need to carbo load?
    • supplements to take and protein
    • what to eat on a recovery day
    • how to eat for weight loss/fasted rides

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