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Molly Hurford has built her career with several aims in mind: Write constantly, race often, travel frequently and live on her own terms, mostly outside. While she runs her own brands, including The Outdoor Edit, The Consummate Athlete Podcast and Shred Girls, she also works as a freelance writer for many major outdoor publications.  She’s also the author of multiple books on cycling and nutrition. Her most recent project, Shred Girls, is a young adult fiction series focused on getting girls excited about bikes. It’s also a website that features interviews, advice and inspiration for young female cyclists at  Molly was a guest on this podcast last year where we went in depth into Shred Girls. Listen to that episode.

In her spare time, Molly has raced almost every type of bike, from cyclocross to road to mountain at an elite level; competed in triathlons from sprint to Ironman; and currently spends most of her time competing in ultra-running races, where she often finds her way onto podiums.  She was also the team manager of the former CX team: Aspire Racing that was the most professional CX program in the USA. 

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Molly’s experience as team manager for former team Aspire Racing
  • Best practices of pros like Jeremy Powers and Mag Rochette
  • How to do a DIY photoshoot
  • social media practices
  • Blueprint: where to start
  • how to budget, acting locally but thinking globally
  • types of sponsorships and how to ask for money
  • what to include in a proposal
  • where to find the right contact at a brand
  • how to build a relationship with media/journalists

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