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Today’s guests are highly experienced in both designing heat training protocols and racing in the heat themselves!  With me today is Luke Way and Stacey Shand. 

Luke Way is a master bike fitter (he does all my fits), physiology enthusiast, and coach.  Luke performs the Balance Point Assessments you might have heard about in previous episodes which in my experience, is the most informative and modern assessment out there.  He is also a nationally recognized coach that has had the opportunity to work with the Canadian National Triathlon team.  His vast personal race resume is filled with mountain biking, triathlon, running, and skiing.

Stacey Shand is a coach and one of the most incredible ultra athletes on the planet. We recorded an entire episode about her exploits around the globe that’ll be coming out in a few weeks.  Stacey has finished the Badwater running race twice, has done Ultraman, Double Ironman Triathlons (Double Anvil), raced in the Arctic Circle, and the world’s hardest 100 mile running races. She has experience in pretty much any environmental condition the planet can throw at you and an endurance and mental toughness capacity unmatched by us mortals!

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • The 4 ways your body dissipates heat
  • the 4 levels of heat training
  • Dr. Stephen Chung’s research
  • What actually happens when you adapt from a physiological standpoint
  • How to create your own protocol
  • How to replace electrolytes
  • What to wear on the bike when heat adapting
  • Sauna training

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