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In order to transform, we have to figure out who we really are and what we want.  It’s not always easy to figure that out.  Sometimes we have to know what questions to ask ourselves and understand the reason behind our intentions.  For Bryan Falchuk, the fog lifted when his wife nearly died.  Battling with obesity and anxiety for the first part of his life, Bryan struggled to show up every day as the person he wanted to be.  After his wife’s brush with death, he was reunited with his purpose.  From that moment, a metamorphosis took place with finally losing weight and keeping it off and also taking a new direction in his life.  One of his life goals is to teach people how to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Bryan is an executive coach, public speaker, C-level executive and best-selling author of Do a Day, in which he outlines his approach to create change. Using Do A Day, Bryan was able to break from this pattern to live a life of consistent, unending health and wellness, and works to share what he’s learned with others seeking a happier, more complete existence. His approach is easy to understand and implement.

Bryan’s work has appeared in many major publications like the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Inc. Magazine and more, and he has been featured as a guest on over 100 podcasts and radio shows. He has also shared his message across many stages, including multiple TEDx events.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Intentional Imbalance
  • What motivated Bryan to make changes that stuck in his life
  • How to focus on being better instead of perfect
  • how to get off a destructive, self-sabotaging path
  • how to stick to your goals
  • Bryan’s book, Do A Day
  • Who inspires Bryan
  • Bryan’s vegan diet

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