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This is a 2 part series on heat adaptation training.  I’m racing the Cape Epic in a few weeks and got a late entry.  The heat and the length are the two main challenges I hear with this race (and also staying healthy as with any foreign stage race).  I don’t have enough time to change my training or even do a training camp somewhere, but I do have time to train for the heat.  Fortunately, one of the leading researchers in heat acclimation and acclimatization is actually on sabbatical in Kelowna this year.  His name is Dr. Stephen Cheung.  Dr. Cheung is not only a well of knowledge on the topic of environmental physiology, but he is an avid cyclist himself.  He is a professor at Brock University in the Department of Kinesiology.  He also is an author of the textbook Advanced Environmental Physiology and the books: Cutting-Edge Cycling, and Cycling Science.  If that doesn’t keep him busy enough, he is the Sport Science & Training editor for In this episode, you’ll learn how motivational self-talk can make a difference while training and racing in the heat, you’ll hear about different training protocols and how to make it work for you, how many days you need to train in the heat and exactly how to do it, how long the effects of the training will last, and even hear tidbits on Dr. Cheung’s work with the Canadian National Team in preparation for the 2020 Olympics.  

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • How Motivational Self-Talk Improves Performance
  • How many days you need to get heat adapted
  • Optimal processes for maximizing your success for heat training and regular training
  • Training for both dry heat and humid heat
  • how long heat training lasts after your event

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