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Gary Dudney has ran 70 100 mile running races…and he is 66 years old.  His goal is to get to 100 100 milers.  Gary is the author of the 2 books: The Tao of Running and The Mindful Runner where he writes about using mindfulness to combat common problems when tackling a big event: thinks like quitting, staying positive, getting through the dark moments, expectations and acceptance, and how to view the bad things as good things. He is a long time columnist at Ultrarunning Magazine.  In this episode, we get into what it takes to have mental endurance.  

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • how gary got into running
  • progressing to 100 miles
  • how he started writing
  • how not to quit, how to get out of a quitting rut
  • techniques to stay positive and keep going
  • why mindfulness is a useful tool
  • mantra: Infinite patience, steely determination
  • 4 horsemen to positive thinking
  • expectations & acceptance
  • how to make bad things good
  • story of 3 vinegar tasters

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