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Hurt locker, here I come

By March 1, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Howdy howdy!

Well, I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier, but it’s a lost cause so I’m bloggin away for my few readers. I appreciate you reading what I have to say! It gives me a purpose to write. Anywho, not too much has been going on… I’m having an unmotivated week for school. It’s been hard to make myself get stuff done, but I’m still plugging away. It’s a great feeling to know that next week, the semester will be halfway over….and better yet, after this semester is over, I’ll be halfway done. yahooo. Adam was here last weekend and we had a great time! We went skiing on Saturday at Winter Park. My buddy Brian let me use his equipment(I’m referring to his skis, boots, poles… get your mind out of the gutter!!) I checked online and the tickets were supposed to be 50 bucks. We left late to avoid the infamous ski traffic and still got stuck moving 20 mph on I-70. When we finally got to the resort, finding a parking spot seemed impossible. Fortunately, I scouted out a tiny spot in between a snow drift and a car. We managed to squeeze my car in…good ‘ol nissan sentra. I had to pee really bad so I ducked down in between two cars and made some yellow snow. We got in some good runs in including one that was a little out of our league. Black diamond with moguls up to my chest, close spacing, super steep…yeah. It was an interesting experience and took maybe thirty minutes to get down. I really want to buy some skiis and a ski pass for next year. Then maybe 8 year olds bombing down everything doing jumps won’t make me look so bad! Much to my dismay, we went running and Adam beat me for the first time. I gotta start training for running with him so i can hammer him again. haha One of the ONLY things I could beat him at. That’s what I get for having a man who is good at everything! 🙂 🙂

check out these sweet shades I found on one of my rides. It’s right up there is the big booty ebony edition of road porn!

This weekend will be the first race of the season. I am hesistant to call it a race because I am far from being in race shape. The first race I care about is the Iron Horse in May! These collegiate road races are just for the hell of it! Sunday is in Colorado Springs and will be no picnic…. 50 miles and 10,000 ft of climbing. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but I have gone uphill maybe 4 times this winter and am still doing base miles. It’ll be interesting to see the different abilities in the collegiate road scene. Nevertheless, I will be in the hurt locker for a few hours. I’m pretty stoked to try out my new race wheels.

gotta love trying to take those self portraits

I have a meeting tomorrow with the intergrative physiology dept. I’m thinking of doing a PhD and need to find out if that would require me to do another M.S. If that’s the case, I think I’ll probably go to PT school. I know, I’m all over the place, but it pains me to imagine the rest of my life full of engineering. I should probably try to work a few years first and make some $$$$ since I’m beyond broke. I really need to get me a sugar daddy. (Sorry Adam)

It was 80 degrees here yesterday. 10 days ago it was below zero for multiple days, and now the temp is from 60-80. Crazy weather.

view from my balcony. next time I’ll post some pics of Boulder now that I have my digital camera

Well, I will bid you adieu…till next time!


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