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I am really tired.

By October 19, 2008March 22nd, 20176 Comments

Saturday was a ride up at Monument Gulch (outside Ft. Collins) with Mr. Kerkove and Andrew. My body is totally wrecked from moving last week (or maybe I’m getting sick.) I don’t really know. I’m pretty damn tired today too…. just washed out.  All I know is I felt ultra weak…so weak that I was shaking the whole time. I drank and ate food…but for some reason it was still really rough. I had to keep stopping and when I did, my whole body was quivering. Top it off with nausea and legs feeling like wet noodles and there you have it. I thought maybe Jeff would get me barfin with his helmet cam.  That would have been funny!!  A day to slog on through.  I still had fun, but it was more forced I have to admit.  I’m not riding for a week I think…



Still having fun.  Joking with the Carney.


rotten meat stick wet noodle legs.  They need to rest.


Jeff honing in on his art skillz.


There were TONS of hunters all around.  Lots of bright orange hats and big trucks… all I want is to see a moose!

Today, I’m just relaxing in Fort Fun with my honey (Watching Wayne’s World 2 at the moment after a nice lunch followed by coffee shop in Old Town Ft. Collins) and trying to embrace the fact that the Monday work day is imminent.

…and hanging with Chrissy’s (Jeff’s sister) pooches.
PA184705 Rub my belly!

PA184699 heeeee

I’m really looking forward to Thursday.  I’m going home to da Querque to visit the fam!  I haven’t been to Albuquerque since the very beginning of May… instead I have seen the fam in other places like Durango and Breck.  I make sure to see them every couple of months.  Love the Looneys!!! 🙂


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