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I am so in love…

By March 14, 2008No Comments

with my new Cannondale Scalpel.  I took it out on the trails for the first time today!  It is by far, the coolest bike I have ever ridden.  It is so efficient around the curves and the Lefty front fork feels so amazing tackling the rocks.  I feel very confident on it, and I think I was descending top notch today!!!  Nina met me up at the trailhead.  She was riding the Cannondale Taurine hardtail.  We were both going on and on about how much we love our Cannondales.  It’s too bad no one was there with a video camera because it would have been a great commercial. 🙂  Two hot babes in spandex riding two hot bikes.   Yes!

I can’t say enough how fun it is to come home to the “Burque” and ride all the trails where I learned how to mountain bike.  It feels good to see my improvements every year and to go back to what feels normal.  Another benefit of coming home is that my parents always make me such good food.  Did I mention that I really like good food? 🙂  Particularly after a hard ride, especially when I don’t have to make it.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy cooking, but when I just want to put the legs up and relax, it’s very nice to have someone to make food for you!

Nina and I are going to San Ysidro tomorrow and are going to jump in a 100 mile mtb race  and are going to duke it out on a couple laps.  Naturally, she will kick my butt so it will be fun to go super hard and lay it all out.  I am always having to stop myself from going really hard on my rides and am always on the cusp of overdoing it, so I can’t wait to be allowed to!  Woo!  Don’t worry, you’ll get the full report.  I’m a bit frustrated at the moment because I’m trying to get used to my new position and am not putting out the power I normally do on the climbs.  Patience Looney.

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