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I can't wait till May!

By April 20, 2006No Comments

Howdy howdy. I got in a killer ride yesterday. The state of my legs never ceases to amaze me. Tuesday I was totally blown from my weekend and long ride Monday. So blown that I cut out my ride. Yesterday i went out and did some of the canyons, and it felt like I had my race wheels on. I guess that hint of fitness is a little encouraging for the Gila. A preview of this weekend: 50 mile road race in Grand Junction/Fruita and crit in Fruita. it should be pretty fun. next weekend I will take a break from racing and get ready to go to the Gila. I gave notice at Wild Oats…I just can’t justify working there if I make twice as much at my internship this summer. I am so excited to have school over and done with. This year has been incredibely challenging in both school and life. It’ll be great to have fun, go camping, race my bike, and have a change of pace with my internship at Xcel Energy. It shouldn’t be very technical since it’s for a utility company.

Sierra, you would be very proud of me. I was talking to a friend at 11 last night, and we spontaneously went out for Mojitos. I am such a wuss… I had ONE and was feeling prettty good. ha I was the decoy for my friend Thurein. He likes this girl and is trying to play hard to get. He wasn’t going to show up tonight b/c the girl he likes asked him to go. Instead, he decided to show up with me and I laughed at him when she wasn’t there. Why do guys feel like they have to play all these stupid games? BOOO

On another note, I’m trying very hard to change the template of this blog. I don’t like it, but I’m no whiz with HTML coding, and I am picky.

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