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I froze my butt off… literally

By December 3, 2008March 22nd, 201715 Comments

Well, it’s 23 and the air is moist in the land of the Front Range. Unless it is seriously wet outside, I will not ride the trainer. I wasn’t excited to go ride, but it was definitely bearable thanks to my new Endura Jacket and new ipod playlist I made last night to get me through the next couple of days. It’s only supposed to be colder tomorrow and I will most likely be riding in sub 20 degree temps. I am not liking that idea, but it’s fun in a way.

PC035085 The Flatirons looked like plateaus.

Fortunately, the roads in Boulder were dry… at least compared to Ft. Collins. There were no icicles hanging from my bike! I was wishing I owned a pair of thermal bottoms. My upper body was plenty warm with my jacket, jersey, and base layer. I wore a smartwool beanie under my helmet, and Pearl Izumi Amphibian gloves. The bottoms, however, was a different story. My upper legs and butt were so cold that they stung the entire ride. My booty was bright red when I got in from 2.5 hours out in the cold, and even in the shower, the water was turning cold on contact! I doubled up on knee warmers and leg warmers which seemed to do the trick. I had booties and wool socks on my feet, but my toes still got cold.

Today I did some power intervals while keeping the HR in zone 2 and tried to stay warm and happy.

PC035098 My bottles froze, which sucked b/c I was kinda thirsty. My core was sweating a little bit.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow… At least the temps will shoot back up soon. Just one more day…


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