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I GOT A NEW BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By November 30, 2008March 22nd, 201716 Comments

PB305040 Rotwild. Literal Translation: Red Deer. My Translation: ZOOM ZOOM!


Mr. Kerkove wasn’t the only great thing about coming back to Boulder last night. Last week, Dave Wiens was in the Denver area. He had an extra Rotwild laying around his house, and I was very lucky to get it! Jeff got it all set up and ready to go for me during the week, and I took it out for a magic carpet ride today. Sub freezing temperatures and snow were not enough to stop me. Fortunately, there wasn’t much snow and the ground was barely damp.

PB305042 2 hours wasn’t too bad, and I hit up pretty much the only rideable trail in Boulder right now. It’s very very tame, but it was still some dirt so I could play on my new bike!

and then the snow began to fall….

You must be wondering what my impressions are of my new rad machine. So far, it’s awesome. The first thing I noticed immediately was that the front end of the bike is a lot stiffer than my Cannondale. It rides really smooth, almost like a hardtail, and the geometry is a bit different than other bikes I have had. For example, I usually take a medium, but this bike is a small. I can’t wait to spend more time on this amazing machine.. I loved it! It also has the Continental Speed King tires which I was VERY impressed with. I pushed it as fast as I could with the given conditions on the DH, and the bike stuck to the trail like krazy glue! They seem to have a lot more volume than other tires I have used, and have no problem mowing anything down. The more I ride it, the more I will be able to tell you about the Rotwild. And yes, it has stem mojo.

…. and sadly, it’s that time. My Cannondale Team Scalpel is now for sale (unofficially at the moment, but soon to be listed on the internet)… anyone interested? Leave me a comment. πŸ™‚


  • Mike says:


    She’s, no, HE’s a beaut. Are those the new DT Swiss carbon hoops? Your pink friends got the best seat in the house, well, maybe second best.

  • Danielle says:

    LOVE IT!!!! New bikes are the best and that one looks really sweet!

  • Guitar Ted says:

    New bike love is fun, fun, fun! Hope you enjoy it as much six months from now as you do today. Take care!

  • Pete says:

    Sweet bike, how are you liking the “soft tail” after riding the Rush?

  • Tim says:

    now your riding the real stuf πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy the rotwildclub…..


  • sarah a says:

    Beautiful bike! Hope you can hit some more trails soon!

  • Don says:

    That thing looks fast just sitting there!! Oh man, this is good stuff!

    I have been sooo busy lately I haven’t checked out the blogs or spun the crank in some time now. Coming back here and to Jeff’s site helps to provide that extra kick to get out there. I WILL spin the crank for multiple hours this week!!!

    Oh yeah, before I forget, you and your dad are nuts!! The dancing turkey was awesome! πŸ™‚

  • sonya says:

    It IS fast just sitting there. πŸ™‚ I heard it moving around on the bottom floor of my house when I was upstairs.

    Don – glad that Jeff and I continue to help you find your inner bike beast. πŸ™‚ Always good to hear.

    Tim – What is your favorite kind of beer?!

    Mike – how did you decide it was a “he?” πŸ™‚

    Pete – both the Rotwild and Cannondale are full suspension bikes. πŸ™‚ My Cannondale Scalpel and Rotwild are definitely comparable bikes. The Cannondale uses part of the carbon frame as a ghost pivot(for extra stiffness I believe) where, if you look at the rear of the Rotwild, it has pivot points. Both bikes are amazing!

  • Dan Gerous says:

    ZOOM ZOOM? You’ll get sued by Mazda! That bike looks nice… also looks short and tall… might be the angle or the camera’s optic distortion though.

    Oh and you’ll have to change your header picture… and send me your Scalpel. πŸ™‚

  • Tim says:

    Hoh, my favorit kind of beer….. Sometimes I like a normal Jupiler, now there is a new kind of beer out here in Belgium. The name is VEDETTE and it’s something between a normal beer and a Duvel.
    I heart that oure Belgium beers are a hype in the US.
    What do you like Sonya? Maybe I can sponsor you some bottles Belgium beer :p

  • sonya says:

    Jeff told me zoom zoom was mazda, but hey, I thought of it without knowing that! How about BRAAAHP! πŸ™‚ I will be changing my blog over the weekend so you will have something new and fun to look at Monsier Gerous. Le Scalpel est “la bomb!”

    TIM! BIER. I have never heard of those beers. I know, it’s a sin. I must come to Belgie. My favorite types of beer are india pale ale in the summer, and stouts in the winter. We have at least 5 breweries in Boulder. Perhaps I will do a brew tour and blog post…I need an excuse to do a brew tour. I would love a belgium beer sampling. oooo oooo you tease!

  • Brian Stevens says:

    Enjoy the New Bike!!!! Will your new blog be the same address?

  • sonya says:

    Yep! There will be no change.

  • Tim says:


    first chance to reply on your beerquestion…
    Jupiler is a kind of Heinekenbeer, but mutch better. I don’t know if you know Stella Artois in de states? It’s al simular but Jupiler taste’s best.
    Belgian beers are very tastefull. We have a lot of breweries here. And the country is very smal so you can easely visit some in a day. Here I have a englis spoken site with some details of ouer beers :p


    Ow, my favorit beer is a Guinness. An Irish stout…jamie

  • Club Penguin says:

    Muchas gracias lol. Got a big test on a related topic soon so practicing Spanish and this at the same time haha.

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