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I had a big bowl of crazy for breakfast

By March 8, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

It has been snowing/raining/sleeting since I woke up at 7:30AM this morning. My intention was to go out for a 3 hour ride until I saw how wet it was. I invited my friend Anne to come along the night before. I got a phone call from her, and we decided to go brave the weather. I put on all the warm weather cycling gear I owned AND my new gloves Adam got me. We were completely soaked in the first 5 min thanks to the rain and sopping wet roads. The rain turned to huge snowflakes and our legs grew numb after a short time. We cut the ride short to 1.5 hours, but had fun doing it. Nothing like riding in the crazy weather, huh? Here is a self photo I took after my ride…

I had school and stuff today. I got a call from Anne(she’s such a diva!) and wanted to go for a hike with her dog, Bode. We hiked the first flatiron even though the snow was 5-6 inches deep and we couldn’t see the trail in some parts. That’s what makes it exciting. It was snowing the whole time and was so gorgeous. Coming down was kind of sketch, I got to go sledding on my butt a few times! Here are some pics. It’s crazy to think it was in the 70s here just a few days ago!

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