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I have been tagged

By November 28, 2008One Comment

List 6 random things about yourself that most people do not know, then tag 6 more people and post their links. Andrew Carnizzle tagged me so here I go:

1) I didn’t know what mountain biking was till I was 19. I had never even really ridden for exercise until I decided to go to spin classes to use it as cross training for running.

2) People used to make fun of me for having skinny legs (till I was about 16). They called me “Flamingo Legs.” What’s up now, biatches! 🙂

3) I played varsity tennis high school and had aspirations to play in college until I got a stress fracture in my tibia. I was also a band nerd in high school… section leader and first chair – even bigger nerd. I played flute and piccolo. I considered at one point possibly majoring in flute. This one time, at band camp… Hell, I still am a band nerd at heart. yeah!

4) I write songs, sing, and play acoustic guitar.

5) Even though I have a master’s in engineering, I don’t plan on being an electrical engineer… nor do I
like it. I just started in engineering because I loved math and science.

6) I want to be a calculus teacher, physician’s assistant, or counselor when I grow up. Yes, that means
I will be going back to school when I am no longer focusing on bike racing.

I now tag:
Namrita O’dea
Danielle Musto
Guitar Ted
Racin Rick
Lizzle Dinwizzle
Neven Neven Neven!

One Comment

  • Danielle says:

    I was always teased for having too skinny legs too. I still remember these girls coming up to me in elementary school and telling me that they liked my shoes and they liked my socks, but they didn’t like my legs. I was crushed, but I’m sure that my legs are better then their today!!!

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