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I heart Apple

By October 3, 20087 Comments

I have been impressed multiple times by Apple’s customer service, so I figure I’d spread the love. There are two types of people in this world. Apple users, and future Apple users. I made the transition 3 years ago and once I went Apple, I will never go back. 🙂 Let me tell you why I am impressed with Apple’s customer service.

Case 1
Sonya did a not so smart thing one day and put one of the tiny DVDs in the DVD drive. It got stuck so she put a bigger DVD in to shove the smaller one in further…hoping that it would shove the smaller one all the way in so that it could be ejected. ERROR. Both got stuck in the drive. Blonde moment! Sonya took her computer to Apple, knowing that it was far out of warranty. The nice guys working there decided that instead of charging her for a new DVD drive (it came to that), they would send her computer in and get her one for free and just disregard that the computer was no longer under warranty.

Case 2
Sonya rides her bike a lot and hence sweats like a fiend…the sweat gets into her beloved Ipod headphones. This causes the headphones to eventually stop working. What did she do? Took her headphones to Apple to inquire. They asked no questions and gave her a new pair of headphones for free.

Case 3
1 year ago, Sonya dropped her 20G Ipod (her best ride buddy) which somehow made the touch-wheel no longer work. Instead of getting it repaired (a repair shop quoted 50 bucks), she decided to buy the brand new Nano that came out. She was salivating anyway, and decided it would be her new best ride friend. 1 year later, Sonya went to Interbike, and was going to have to drive to Las Vegas. She thought, “Hmm… I wish my 20G ipod worked. I *think* it’s still in that drawer I put it in about a year ago.” She rode her bike over to the Apple store to inquire what could be done. The Genius Bar employee told her that they could get her the same model (the 20G model from 3 years ago), brand new, for a price of 60 bucks. She thought that was pretty cool. 1.5 weeks went by, Interbike came and went, and she still had not heard from Apple. Then, on a Friday(today), for no particular reason, she got a call from Apple. The man on the phone said, “We know you have been waiting for awhile for the 20G replacement, and it’s still not here. Why don’t you come in and we’ll give you a brand new one.” So Sonya went back to Apple, expecting to get a 30G Ipod (last time she checked, that was the equivalent, but that was years ago) and was also expecting to pay the 60 dollar replacement fee. The smiley guy named Josh came out of the back with a new ipod. Sonya was straining her eyes to see what the size was… he gave it to her for FREE and it was 120G. Awesome. Thanks Apple!!!!

My next venture will be an Iphone…but that is going to be a LONG way out.


  • Mike Mulcahy says:

    Hey Sonya.

    I actually work at one of the Apple stores in Minneapolis and it’s awesome to hear that you have such great experiences with Apple and the store itself. That’s something that we strive for and always like hearing about.
    It’s funny you mention the little DVDs, a women just the other day brought her computer in with one stuck in there, the genius just removed it and sent her on her way.
    You need an iPhone, they rock. If you ever need anything Apple let me know and I’ll see what I can do for ya.


  • Jason says:

    Always been Apple, always will. I’ve had similar experiences with my iPod of course that is until a brainiac friend of mine realized he could fix just about any iPod Since then he keeps my 40g rockin’. Apple rocks. Hope you’re feeling better.


  • Richard Todd says:

    When I arrived at the company, I was the proud owner of a 20gb iPod 3G (still getting 6 hours battery life out of it too). Franc looked at me and decided I was a man for a 12″ PowerBook. I have now upgraded to a slightly bigger 13″ MacBook. They just rock. Feel good factor all around. 🙂

    Also, bought my bother a Nano the day before they switched models a year ago. Apple emailed me to tell me he would get the upgraded one at no extra cost.

  • Allan says:

    Back in school was a huge Apple lover. Went to work for an insurance company that only used Windoze and I purchased a Windoze laptop for work. Worst mistake in my life. I’m now back to Apple (iMac, iPhone) and not looking back!!!! If Apple would only make a MTB.

  • sonya says:

    Apple does make a mountain bike. It’s call a Cannondale. 🙂

  • old gregg says:

    It’s amazing what having tits can get you.

  • sonya says:

    Old Gregg- Hmmm… I guess moobs just don’t do it. Too bad. There are surgeries that could help you with your cause. 😉 Good luck.

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