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I know, I am a slack blogger

By January 29, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

What’s up my friends? Sorry it has been so long… I’m happy to know that people actually read my blog and complain when I don’t write stuff. Someone loves me! 😉 Anyway…yes, it has been a month almost. I came back to Boulder and was in the throws of an existential crisis when I realized how hard it was to get back in the swing of things after a month off from school. I came back and had to start packing my shiz to get ready to move. I moved into my new pad on Thursday and let me say, it’s BIG PIMPIN! It’s 80 sq ft bigger than my old one, and much nicer. I have a huge balcony to enjoy Colorado sunsets all by my lonesome. haha School was kind of crazy at first, I was enrolled in 3 classes and after only one week of school, decided it was going to be way too much. The first week, I spent 14 hours on a hw project and wasn’t even halfway done. That class went bye-bye. I am not a lab rat…I need fresh air and sunshine. The glare of a computer screen with a window telling me I have 30-40 errors on my chip layout is not going to fly. I also was brave and told my advisor that I’m doing a masters instead of a PhD. So now I’m livin large in my new apartment, taking 2 classes and research. Cookies are good. (that’s my ADD comment)I’m starting to get used to this grad school thing and feel much better about everything. I no long feel like a rampant chicken running around with my head chopped off in a constant state of panic.

Riding has been good although it’s been freaking windy here in Boulder. A couple times I almost got blown over and several other times, the wind pushes you slowly off the road and you can’t move against it. I gave USA Cycling a large sum of money for my pro license so it can be hoarded somewhere… somewhere… no one really knows where considering the top pros at the NORBAs don’t get prize money and we pay through the nose for entry fees. I AM getting pretty excited to race this summer.

My man is coming to visit on Thursday and I’m pretty stoked. Then I can enjoy the CO sunsets in the company of a human being. I apologize that I don’t have anything entirely sarcastic to rave about…that’ll have to wait till next time. I went to a wine tasting party the other night and sampled many wines. 🙂 it was fun. Now I can be yuppy in Boulder.

Alright, I’m done now. Till next time!!! And if anyone knows Brian Boitano, say hello for me!

I miss the Sandias!

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