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I want the west coast… :(

By July 29, 2006No Comments

It is 7 AM. We woke up at 6 AM to extreme clouds and it is currently POOOOUUURRRING humongous drops of rain. Gusts of wind at 50 mph….I checked the weather. “Storms may produce large hail, chance of rain 90%” The forecast was dooming. Strong storms all day. YES! It’s not just like a short XC race in the rain. We are talking serious buisness here folks. 24 hours of racing in the mud, rain, and cold. Tough Girls motto is “How Tough Are Ya?” I guess we’ll definitely see how tough we are. 🙁 I am hearing cries from my teammates “It is REEEAALLLY raining”

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day.

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