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I had the “joy” of taking a few programming classes in college. I don’t remember much, but if/then statements stuck out in my mind this week. So…





Who says you can’t flood your house with sweat droplets in the winter? I actually *almost* enjoyed riding the trainer. It must be because it’s a Kinetic Trainer. That thing feels like a cadillac compared to what I had before (a 20 dollar used off craigslist blackburn I bought like 6 years ago) It was probably one of the first trainers ever invented. ;)

The frozen tundra will start to thaw today, and my skin won’t freeze and become sallow with windchill, so I’m hoping to giddy up outside today on my mountain bike. I haven’t ridden up the canyons in awhile. Hopefully I keep rubber side down!

303Cycling is doing a series of interviews with different people around the Denver area. Here is part 1/2.

Fidgeting much? Yes, I slid off the chair. haha

I also went to a political event last night. Chris Romer, a Colorado Senator and cyclist, will be running for mayor. He also was one of the people who thought of the Bailey Hundo and helped get it organized in just 5 months time. Part of his platform is to get cycling into school, more bike paths, and make Denver the best city for cycling. I haven’t looked at what his other political goals are just yet, but I’m very happy to see that he wants to put more love in and to the cycling world! If you’re interested in more – check here. I know I’m going to read some more and also check out what he wants to do aside from cycling.


It was a fun gathering with lots of familiar faces from the cycling community coming out to support the movement.

Watch out for black ice and the winter yeti!

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