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I'm a below average nerd

By October 19, 2005No Comments

My fanclub party of one has requested I update my Looney days more frequently, so here we go. I am a below average geek. Yes friends, below average. In my UNM undergraduate days, I was considered to be the curve wrecker and people would yell at me when we got our tests back. I believe the Colorado air has been killing off my brain cells(or maybe it’s all the chocolate I’ve been eating), because nowadays, I can’t get above average… maybe because this is graduate school and everyone is a lot smarter than me. Why do people have to take school so seriously? I need better grades, so maybe I should make friends with all the enginerds and use their brain power for homework, and take them out partying the night before an exam…or maybe I could simply place a laxative in their water bottle before the test…or make them some “special” brownies so they are paranoid during the exams. All are ploys that I am considering to help me get through grad school. If any one of you would like to assassinate all the smart people at school, please do so, but leave me someone to help me with my homework. Homework that totures my soul and makes me dream about pages of textbooks with equations. Enough about the hell of my own making… on the better things.

NATIONALS. Yes, one week from today, I am off to PA. Some would call this a training race in Pennsyltucky where amateurs race their bikes(Josh Bezeckny…but he’s only joking). I call it mud and rain. Last year was a very wet, painful race which will be repeated this year. Except this year, I hope there is a spot on the podium for me. I had conference finals in durango this past weekend and was troubled because my legs would not work at all. I could barely pedal…so I am spending the week getting 9 hrs of sleep every night and trying to stay off the bike. Keep your fingers crossed for me… there will most certainly be a race report and photos from the race. And after that, I can party and go running a lot. yeeahhoooo.

For fall break, I went to da Querque and was reminded of just how ghetto it can be. There were low rider trucks with dubs and chrome rims as far as the eye could see! It was good to see my family and Adam. Adam even took me to Durango despite having a nasty virus. He rode behind me in the XC when my legs were pieces of lead. What a grrreeeatttt boyfriend! 🙂

Bel-Air has been treating me well…the beautiful surroundings and great riding are the only things keeping me from dragging a sharp object across my neck. 🙂 Ski season is right among us and all the native Coloradoidians are buzzing about it. If anyone would like to donate some $$$$ or some chronic for me to sell so I can get a pass, please feel free to send it my way.

Next post…nats.

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