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I'm back!

By August 13, 2008No Comments


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, OR was super super busy. It was a great time though. 🙂

I’m back in Boulder and it’s good to be home. In fact, Jeff came down on Monday night and we got to live the Boulder lifestyle for a day. (i.e. coffee, sushi, shopping at outdoor stores…) It was excellent. I took the day off from SRE because I just needed some recharge time. I started off the day with a BIKE RIDE! I hadn’t ridden in 7 days and I was longing to push the crank arms. I also am starting to run in prep for some running races this fall. I did a road/trail run yesterday and am going to start ramping up the miles pretty soon. Love it! This is a big training week for me in preparation for the Eldora MSC and the Dakota 5-0. We’ll see how it goes, I have not done a 50 mile race in 4 years, but it could go really really well. 🙂 I have also never been to South Dakota so it’ll be awesome. I’m very enthusiastic about riding and I can’t wait to do some long, epic fall rides amongst the orange, red, and yellow aspens and feel the crisp mountain air on my cheeks.

This weekend I’m heading to Breck for a big training block, and because my family rented a condo for the weekend. I’m really excited to spend them with them and also to ride the Colorado Trail. Ohhh yessss!

More later. 🙂

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