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I'm better!

By May 23, 2005One Comment

All right! My knee is functional once again. I get my stitches out Wed and it feels ship shape today! Looks like I can do the Iron Horse road race afterall…I’m not going to push it and do the mountain bike race because with my luck, I’ll wreck on it and be in a world of hurt. It was actually kind of cool having a weekend to do something different. I actually went shopping– I am DIRE need of regular clothes, especially nice clothes. I also played my flute which I have played maybe 3 times in the last 5 years. It was really nice…it’s amazing how quickly it all comes back.

Anyhoo….going on the cruise NEXT WEEK. Can’t wait!!! I wasn’t excited until Friday last week. YES! Ok…just wanted to give you a quick entry. I don’t really have anything fun to say. Oh yeah… I do! What is UP with men remembering me from Defined??? All of these freaking men always come up to me and say, “did you used to work out at defined? I recognize you.” I have no idea who these old men are and why they are even asking…they could think to themself, “there’s that girl from defined.” Why do they feel the need to let me know that they recognize me? It is highly alarming.

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