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I'm in Colorado

By August 26, 2005No Comments

I know, I know! i’ve been crappy about updating my blog. So I’ve been in Boulder(Bel-air) for a week now and I love this place! There are bike paths everywhere and lots of beautiful surroudings. It almost reminds me of a European town in that a lot of people walk, take the bus, or ride their bike, there is a lot of outdoor cafes, and most people here aren’t really fat. I think Boulder is rated one of the top 10 more fittest towns. Sweet. 🙂 School is ok… I will start work and getting homework next week. I’ll let you know how it is then! There are so many great places to ride around here! I’m sure I’m overtraining myself. haha I have met some interesting little enginerds. This one kid has been emailing me all summer because he remembered my name from a result 2 years ago and saw I was coming to CU. I finally met up with stalker boy and he was your typical enginerd. Short black jean shorts, a tshirt too small that says engineering on it, and a nasal voice. nice. I want to hit that! 😉 haha I’m sure he’s very nice, just not my style. He even invited me over for homemade brownies. awwwww. Poor guy. I have met a couple of cool people too… I’m going to a party tomorrow night put on by some guys that work at the bike shop, so maybe I can make some cyclist GIRL friends there. I swear, the engineering dept here has no girls. I have one other girl in my 30 person medical devices class. She’s all goth too, I’m even afraid of her!

So now I’m just lonely on a Friday night. 🙁 I miss my family, friends, and Adam. You guys are the best!!!! Well, that’s all for now. Sorry it’s so boring!

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