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I'm not a racist, I hate everyone. Oh, I'm bitter too.

By December 5, 2005No Comments

Hello, hello! Well, if you haven’t heard from me, I have been in the land of engineering. Yes, yes… for the past 6 days, I have been studying or doing homework for 10 hours a day and I’m not exaggerating. I just finished the longest homework assignment of my life. FORTY pages. Scary, isn’t it? Words of advice, I don’t recommend engineering grad school. Get out while you can! So I have finals next week. I have a take home that I get on Wed. The homework that was 40 pages was the practice take home, which took over 30 hours. So Wed. I get a take home that will take 30 hours due Tues(11/12). Also on Tues(11/12), I have a final at 7:30 AM for 3 hours followed by another 3 hour final and then have to turn in my take home exam right after. In 5 days, I have a take home exam and two finals to study for. If you hear about a suicide in the news, it could be me. Meanwhile, I am living in little Mexico. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my apartment, but I feel right at home being from New Mexico and all. Boulder is known for not being very diverse. However, I get the culture baby. The mexicans in the apartments behind my parking lot blast their mexican music, jamming out to the tuba and shit while the apartment below me has like 5 people living in a one bedroom. I live in the boulder ghetto paying 550/mo. I’m starting to learn the words to all the songs so if I go to Mexico and sing karoake, I’ll be all set. The tuba lovers have no job because they are probably illegal immigrants, and all sit outside in a row and watch me. I didn’t realize they watched me until Adam pointed them out one day. I was working on my bike outside in shorts and sure enough, they were all enjoying the show. I make sure to keep my blinds slightly closed. So I go from little mexico to little china… my lab at school. Well, little china with a few people from india. I am in the minority and these bastards will not stop studying. They are hard core. There are sleeping bags and pillows under some peoples’ desks and that is no joke. These enginerds are there at all hours of the night. It’s quite impressive and highly alarming. No wonder these brainiacs are killing the curve. It’s their fault I am going to fail out of grad school. I need some fat, no neck fratties in my classes to fail tests so I look better. Anyway, enough of that.

I haven’t been riding much. Lotsa running to relieve the stress. I had a panic attack this weekend and couldn’t breathe. It was fantastic. I’ll start training next week when I go home to da Querque. I can’t wait. I can actually SEE my boyfriend instead of talk to him on my new shitty cell phone. This phone is super static-y. It doesn’t work worth a damn so I’ll return it when I get home. Bastards. I can’t wait to get to da ghetto. It’ll be nice to see the fam too. I’m working on pictures. The internet I’m stealing in my apt. is superslow so I can’t download pics very well. Until next time, ta ta! Wish me luck… hopefully I won’t be too below average on my finals so I can pass and not be put on probation.

Quote of the day: “I can see Blue! He looks glorious!”

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