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I'm ready to go in coach, just give me a chance!

By November 15, 2008One Comment

Sorry, couldn’t resist old Ace Ventura! I have a new coach for the 2009 race season. A great opportunity presented itself to me in the last few months that was just too good to pass up. After having a really rough season last year, I am excited to have some guidance through the winter and spring (and summer too…). I have a pattern where I overtrain myself in about February, start the season, and then am toasted by May. It usually results in taking it very easy for about a month and I come back in the late season. This past year, it resulted in anemia. Rick Crawford and Colorado Premier Training will be my guardian angel this year… to save me from myself. I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I have known Rick from day 1 of my racing career back when I started racing for UNM and barely even knew what mountain biking was. Through 2 years of collegiate cycling, he has seen me grow as a cyclist. I can’t wait to see how the 2009 season goes. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such great support from Topeak Ergon and Rick . Structured training starts on Monday. Game on.

One Comment

  • Matt says:

    Anemia, eh? Thats been a problem for me too – but mostly from some meds I have to take and have been taking for about 10 years now. Top it off with all the enduro riding and it’s why I get monthly blood tests for my Dr. Dave Harris and a few others actually helped me out a few years back with some advice and I follow to keep the blood count right. Shoot me an email if interested. mcturge at yahoo.

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