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Inside Tracker is a company that uses bloodwork to assess biomarkers, blood analysis, athletic performance, and nutrition software to optimize fitness and longevity.  Founded in 2009, the Boston company first started working with professional athletes who wanted to see what their biomarkers, hormone and mineral profiles looked like during their training and how they could use nutrition and lifestyle to improve.  They measure over 30 biomarkers and recommend food and supplements to optimize thinks like your energy, cognition, endurance, heart health, and more. I started working with Inside Tracker in 2017.  I liked it because their ranges for your biomarkers change based on your goals. I also think it’s important to have baseline and also recurrent bloodwork as you age and also simply as an athlete. Today I sat down with accomplished runner and sales manager, Jonathan Levitt from Inside Tracker. Get 15% off your tests with the Inside Tracker Discount Code: SONYALOONEYSHOW

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

    • common deficiencies
    • optimal time to get a test
    • recovery tips & food
    • is there an optimal diet
    • how often should you test
    • inner age + longevity
    • cognition
    • Inside Tracker’s scientific advisory board
    • criticisms of Inside Tracker & how they manage
    • when to go to your doctor

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