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Brad Stulberg is no stranger to my podcast. This is actually the third time I’ve had him on the show!  He’s the co-author of two books: The Passion Paradox and also Peak Performance., a consultant and coach on topics like burnout, resilience, self-awareness, long term goal setting strategies, the linkage between mental health, wellbeing, and performance and so much more.  He also write about human performance in his regular column in Outside Magazine, or in publications like the New York Times, Thrive, Sports Illustrated, and more.  He is my favorite person to follow on Twitter because he always has insightful and actionable information. In this episode, we got to go deep into his new book with co-author Steve Magness. The book is called The Passion Paradox and it is right up our alley you guys.  We are told that a life of passion is important – that we need to find our passion and pursue it at all costs. But passion can become a curse, leading to endlessly chasing achievement or the next thing.  This book is about how to harness your passion in a healthy, sustainable way so that it leads to fulfillment.  It’s a great read and its backed by research and inspiring stories about people who have both had healthy relationships with passion and also people who have suffered from it. 

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Obsessive versus Harmonious Passion
  • How to define your core values
  • How to have a healthy relationship with numbers & results
  • Why our efforts never feel like they are enough
  • How do you know if your passion is positive or negative
  • What is contentment? 
  • Why do we need to keep seeking more and more? 

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