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It always rains when I MOVE!!!

By October 9, 2006March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Yes, that’s right. Rain in the forcast, all week. sweet. Today you can’t even see the flatirons. Yesterday I moved 2 small carloads(Yeah, you guys know my car, the tough bastard). My wimpy cyclist arms are really sore from carrying all my stuff. At least I don’t have to try impress the ladies with my bulging biceps. So no racing this weekend, but I’m going to help with the installation of some straw bales into Brian’s latest house. That’ll be fun and cool. I didn’t even ride my bike this weekend, but I went on a killer trail run on Saturday. It makes me want to start running marathons again…sometimes I miss those days! The days of no mechanicals or expensive machines. There are two cross races in Boulder next weekend that I will do. I need to make my technique better so when the UCI races come around, I don’t look like I’m on crack.

I tried to pimp out the Ridley a little bit with a new seat, chainring, and some saaanazzy bartape.

Although I now have the pleasure of roommates, the house is pretty sweet and I have a view of the mountains from my sliding glass door. I have my own bathroom too. I’m glad to get midterms out of the way. I have a meeting this week with a profressor…I may be doing a PhD afterall if I get to include electrical engineering and make the bulk of it be physiology(maybe even MUSCLE physiology!). The PhD would be in electrical engineering though… so maybe someday I can do something I actually like AND make the big bucks! I’ll let you know how that goes. I made a decision to tone it down next semester with school so I can really get some good training in. I want to be fast next year and I have a plan!!! I made so many mistakes this last season, so now I’ve learned and am ready to be fast. 🙂
I thought this was a funny pic of me so here you go.

You should listen to Postal Service, it’s some good chill music when I’m not all agro.

One Comment

  • Tom says:

    Dig the Ridley. It is one of the bikes that I currently lust after, but then again, doesn’t everyone lust after some sort of bike here and there? I hate moving. Especially when it’s raining. When I did move this Spring, it downpoured on the truck I was driving, pick up truck, uncovered. Yep, that’s the sort of luck this kid has.

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