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It follows me…

By January 3, 2009No Comments

The cold weather. I went to Albuquerque and it followed me there. When I left, it was 50 degrees all week. We had a nice day yesterday, but today is a hot and bothered 29F outside…and the wind is blowing.

Yesterday I did a 5 hour ride out to Pinewood Lake. It’s just past Carter Lake, and has a bitch of climb to get there. It was the first time I had been on a road bike in a couple weeks, so it was kind of a foreign feeling. I was really sore from all the hiking over the past few days, so my ride was double tough. My calves were so sore that I couldn’t stand up to pedal!! By the time I was 3.5 hours in, I was in pure survival mode. Yes, that means riding into a headwind, light-headed and riding 12 mph on my road bike. I can see the decline on my power file, but I finished. On the plus side, it was around 55 degrees outside. There is a price to pay in the Front Range of Colorado when it’s warm in the winter, and that would be strong winds.

Today, Survivorman Carnizzle and I are going for a 5 hour mountain ride in the foothills of Fort Collins. It’s supposed to snow today, so hopefully it stays away till I am all done. I have a feeling today is going to be a tough day in the saddle… but at least I’ll be on dirt!

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