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It's always a reunion!

By May 23, 2007One Comment

Albuquerque is not a small town, yet every time I come home, I run into a slew of people I know.

Example 1: earlier this year I was at this bar called the copper lounge. In the space of 2 minutes I ran into not ONE but TWO ex-boyfriend types (never officially boyfriends, but dudes I went on a couple dates with)

Example 2: I go out to eat somewhere and the waitress was this girl who I really didn’t like in high school. I realized people change (thank goodness), but she was still as snooty as ever.

Example 3: I go out to Fox and Hound and invite a bunch of my friends. One of my other friends from high school happened to be working there (which was a plus, who invited more people I knew in high school that I liked.) Fortuitously, a large group from my undergraduate is 30 ft away playing pool. I try my hardest to be antisocial and not make eye contact. One of the guys is the one who pinched my butt at a party while I was intoxicated, resulting in me chasing after him outside into the street…followed by him diving into a moving car to get away from me and me falling down in the road mangling my knee(I took a picture of it with my cell phone, but I will spare you and not post it. It’s really bloody and gory. Just because I think it’s rad doesn’t mean you will!!)….followed by Adam driving me to the ER where I was crying and blubbering in the car b/c I knew I couldnt do this bike race I love that was in 2 weeks. The guy who pinched my butt didn’t believe me when I told him what happened. I couldn’t bend me knee for two weeks…so I couldn’t drive my standard and it was very hard to sit down. Let’s see who else I will run into here. I stay free and clear of Defined Fitness on Juan Tabo, land of many guys who I dated and decided that it was not going to work, some I may not have been super nice to after they started acting retarded. Yes, sometimes sarcasm gets the best of me. I don’t hate anyone and wouldn’t hide from an ex, but I prefer not to have the awkward conversation about how I’ve been. Do they really care anyway? I know I don’t really care about how they have been (well, except for a select few). Sorry, tantrum.

Back to the beginning of example 3…the bar was really fun. It’s great that my bro can actually come and hang out, and drink me under the table any day. Yes, I confess. I had beer last night(3!, oh the humanity!), and 3 nacho chips, and 1 french fry. 😉 I miss my Boulder hippie food, the green trees (and green tea), the river, my hilarious roommate, and my Boulder hippie green architect bike riding boyfriend who needs me to entertain him so he won’t work 80 hours a week and ride himself into an oblivion. 🙂

Saturday I’m off to Angel Fire. XC is on Sunday, STXC on Monday. I’m about to go ride Sandia Peak today. My old stomping grounds….it’s where I did my first bike race. I’m hoping to break my record to the top. It will be a precursor to how fast I’ll be climbing this weekend. Basically I have to ride up and down the Angel Fire mountain twice. Good times. I am excited to finally do a real mountain bike race, no more of this flat crap with no rocks. Boring. I just wish my Scott Contessa Spark came in this week. I am ready to ride a dualie for a little while!

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