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IT'S COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By December 1, 2006No Comments

So it snowed over 2 ft in Boulder a few days ago which means many things.

1) I couldn’t go to work because my car was stuck from all the snow and I couldn’t ride my bike since I no longer HAVE a mountain bike and it was nearly impossible. Fortunately the buses were still running, so I could go to school and do research, etc.


3) I couldn’t really exercise for a few days. WAH! Too icy to run, too icy to really ride…but I did ride the trainer for an hour yesterday, commuted on my bike today, AND went for a run, so things are loooookin up. I don’t feel like a fat piece of crap anymore.

4) I finally went to work today and the room I work in used to be a concrete garage meaning….NO INSULATION!!! To compensate, Xcel Energy gives everyone these horrible individual space heaters instead of making a more efficient buidling. Did I mention that concrete bricks actually suck up heat out of the room? I guess when you are Xcel Energy, you can be wasteful and inefficient. (I still work for a good company, just ranting). So…at my computer today, the room was probably 50 degrees. I was wearing….. a shirt, a wool sweater, jacket, scarf, hat, had the heater on, AND a cup of hot tea! If it was any colder, I’d need some gloves too. GOSH!

5) Christmas music actually feels appropriate

6) It’s officially winter

7) I need to winterize my commuter bike, frank the tank. I need to put knobby tires, fenders, and get the damn thing in working condition so I don’t totally trash my cross bike.

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