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It's not always about the bike

By June 23, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Balance. Work, training and racing take up a great deal of my time and it’d be easy to let it completely take over. While to do what I do, it has to be a top priority and is very time consuming, I push very hard to have a life off the bike as well.

I’ve been enjoying the summer so far. I’ve only been reporting about racing and training lately, but here is what I’ve also been up to.

Avery Sourfest. 60+ Sour Ales from all over the country. While sours aren’t my beer of choice, I do enjoy them every once and awhile and had a great time sampling a couple weeks ago.



I saw Big Head Todd and the Monsters at Red Rocks last week. They are one of my favorites… and it was my first time at Red Rocks!


…and then I got to return to Red Rocks this week to see Willie Nelson and a bunch of other bands that were traveling with him. FROM BACKSTAGE! My friend Rachel hooked it up because her dad plays keyboard in one of the bands.


Get ‘em willie!

Liquormart in Boulder has all these different dinners you can go to… wine or beer food pairing dinners. I checked out a wine dinner by MD Winery... one of my favorite!


…and somehow won a raffle (I NEVER win raffles) and scored a 3 liter bottle of their Icognito Red. That means I need to have a wine party!

Corene and Dave are one of the owners. I’m really tall in girlie stilt shoes. yeaaah!

and DEFINITELY not forgetting to yuck it up with my friends!


On another heavier note…. I’ve gotten some emails on facebook and twitter, and also blog comments asking about why I’m not at marathon world championships this weekend. I was very flattered and excited to be chosen to race in Italy and I am sad I’m not there right now. I also am surprised that I’m missed there (thanks). However, USA Cycling states in print that they do not offer any financial support to selected racers. That’s just how it is, and how it’s been. This year, I was not able to get any financial support from anywhere to get to Italy and the cost was too great for me to cover on my own… so… unfortunately, I had to decline and am not on the start list.

Sometimes reality is a bitch, what can you do? You keep riding.

Instead of Marathon Worlds, I’ll be in Austin this weekend doing some shop visits and working at the New Belgium Urban Assault. See you there!

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