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J'aime Le Tour!!!

By July 18, 20054 Comments

Well I got home just in time. The Tour was very thrilling to watch this weekend. Thanks to Cameron and Tiffany, bums like me can go over to their house and watch OLN on their big TV…I’m not the only bum over there! 😉 Seems like Ullrich, Basso, and Armstrong are always at it. I won’t complain! I think it’s sooo great that Hincapie took the win yesterday. That guy definitely deserves it.

Nothing too eventful has been happening. It was nice to be home on the weekend. I got to see my parents for awhile and also chill with Adam… we even got to pimp it by the pool yesterday! I had to go to my aunt’s house yesterday for my little cousin’s bday party. The things you do for your family…it’s not my favorite thing in the world to go somewhere where there are tons of children all under the age of 6 running around and screaming. It’s the best birth control there is! My biological clock is NOT ticking (see Adam? No worries!) But hey, at least I got free cake. Everyone ate the cake for the children because my aunt decided to make chocolate and chili cake. Hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture?

I booked a moving truck for the big day next month. Money, money, money… why don’t I have any? Oh wait, I know the answer to that one! 😉 I need a page like Matt Shriver… donations. I’m not nearly as badass as him though. I could even make them tax deductible. Any takers? 😉


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