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You know that section of trail that you’ve never seen anyone ride?  That one spot where you wonder if it’s even possible?  Jeff Lenosky, aka the Trail Boss is the guy to do it.  Jeff tackles the hardest seemingly “unrideable” trails, rides them, and documents it for his youtube channel.  And in case you aren’t familiar with Jeff, he is a world-class freeride and trials mountain bike rider with three trials national titles under his belt and the world record for the bunny hop on a full-size mountain bike (45.5 inches).  He has been in the sport since the late 80s.  Not only is he one of the world’s most skilled mountain bikers, he is also a dad to his 3 children.  He also performs shows for hundreds of kids all year long.

In this episode, we talk about Jeff’s evolution as a pro rider since the early nineties, how he has transitioned from trials to trail riding, why he decided to start a YouTube Channel, and some real life advice to help you improve your confidence and your riding.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • How Jeff has maintained a 20+ year career
  • From Trials to Trail Riding: Jeff’s evolution
  • Life as a sponsored athlete
  • Why Youtube?
  • Does the type of bike make a difference?
  • Does he still get nervous on technical trails?
  • The Trail Boss name

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