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Jim Murphy is one of the most inspiring people I know.  We first met by coincidence when our paths crossed in the bicycle industry.  Since then, I’ve looked to Jim as a mentor, a ride buddy, and most importantly, as a great friend.  When he was diagnosed with cancer almost exactly 5 years ago, I was speechless that cancer had attacked my amazing friend.  He started a blog about his experience and I distinctly remember his impactful words saying to his readers, “Do not tell me ‘I’m Sorry.’ I’m not sorry.”  His tenacity and passion for life were the key to how he dealt and beat esophageal cancer.  He refused to let the diagnosis dictate his future, and he insisted on continuing to ride his bike and ski as a Ski Patroller, even while undergoing chemo and radiation. He even rode his bike to the treatments.  But that’s not all, Jim has lead an incredible life with a dynamite career.  He has been the National Director of Sales and also has held Vice President of Sales for massive companies like Snapple, Red Bull, FRS, and Promax.

This episode is full of so much of Jim’s wisdom and insight to his approach at life.  He even said that if he had died at age 51 of cancer, he felt like he had lived a fulfilled life.  There are so many great nuggets on how to lead a life with more purpose, his approach to fighting off cancer, his philosophy to growth and success including two key specific details on how has found success in business, and how giving back to his community brings him the most fulfillment of all. We also talk about how cycling specifically helped him in one of the most challenging times of his life and how important our attitude can be.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • the keys to moving up in business (and in life!)
  • Jim’s 2 key components to a high performance career
  • his attitude about cancer
  • he didn’t think “why me?” or “what if”
  • how he lived day to day with the treatments
  • how cycling helped him stay positive
  • Jim’s experience counseling others with cancer
  • the importance of support
  • his experience doing Ski Patrol at the South Korea Winter Olympics
  • his “un-retirement”
  • what his second chance looks like


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