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Today, I had the opportunity to talk to Josh LaJaunie.  I first heard him on the Rich Roll Podcast about a year ago and was blown away by his story.  I literally had to stop by bike while listening because his story was so overwhelming and his authenticity and passion were contagious.  His story is a powerful one of transformation.  It’s about how taking one brush stroke after another can create a beautiful masterpiece.  The Josh LaJaunie you see now is an enthusiastic ultrarunner who has been on the cover of Runner’s World, laughed with the hosts on Good Morning America, and how regularly speaks around the country.  He is part of not only the Plant-Based Community, but an even bigger one – how to help people lose weight and create positive change in their lives.

Josh wasn’t always the man you see today and he’ll be the first to tell you that he never imagined his life to take such a fortuitous turn.  He grew up as a self-proclaimed “coon-ass.” (more on that later).  Josh grew up in the Bayou close to his family and grandfather (Bam-Bam).  As his weight escalated to 420lbs, Josh tried everything to lose wei   ght but nothing stuck.

One day, he and his brother went to the gym and he later decided to run a 10k while being well over 300lbs.  As he got more into running, he found confidence in himself and the courage to commit to change. He started to like the person he saw in the mirror.  He said, “You build trust in yourself, you did what you said you were going to do.”   A landslide of events happened that pulled Josh onto his path including the Saints winning the superbowl in 2010 and reading the book “Born to Run.”

In this show, we talk about the importance of taking action in your life and how taking action creates personal power.  We talk about the relationship we have with food, the importance of family and role models, what self-acceptance actually looks like, how to build self-confidence, and embracing setbacks in life.


Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • taking action in life
  • importance of following through and creating personal poewr
  • culture, identity, and the relationship with food
  • importance of family and role models
  • what self acceptance looks like
  • how to build self-confidence
  • importance of community
  • embracing setbacks in life
  • Josh’s accomplishments and journey as a runner

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