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July 4

By July 5, 2008March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I got to go for a ride on the mountain bike!!!!! and I got to do intervals. They hurt really bad, especially b/c I have no power, but I still enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂 I went to Golden to ride Chimney Gulch pretty early in the AM. After downing a delicious coffee and some oatmeal, I headed out at warp speed (well as warp as my tough bastard car would drive) I like Chimney Gulch/Apex/Enchanted Forest because it’s up and down. I am not a fan of flat rides, particularly flat road rides (which I have to embark on a 3.5 hour one soon…sniff. I’m so proud of myself for not heading up to the mountains to do a mtb ride. You have NO idea how much restraint this is taking…like an 18 yr old boy at the Playboy mansion).

bikey! Lookout Mountain…getting my Cannondale Scalpel ready to rocket right off. I love my bike… kind of like it’s a person. Sick. I know. My bike is my boyfriend right now. We have a love/hate relationship and sometimes it’s abusive, but I always keep coming back for more.

chimney gulch Happy/Sweaty Looney on a trail that points to the sky.

arty farty Cool shadow…




Liz and I tried to go to Breck to watch Marathon Nationals and check out a music festival. I am a little naive about traffic, being from New Mexico and all. Well, we got to I-70 and moved less than 20 miles in an hour and we were planning on coming back that night. Great reasoning convinced both of our brains that it’s not worth spending more time in the car than actually IN Breckenridge, and we were going to miss the end of the race. We flipped it and headed back to the Boulder Bubble.

….and went to Folsom Stadium instead. I was feeling particularly snarky last night for several reasons, so we had a lot of fun.

les personnesPlenty of people to watch…and lots of weird haircuts.

flag Old Glory

folsom stadium1 Liz and I cringing at the Woodie Guthrie songs

aniel/ray charles Aniel on the jumbotron. He is me and Liz’s friend (Liz’s bff…) and plays viola in a number of orchestras, but this one was the boulder philharmonic. They had bright lights on the orchestra, so he was being a goober. Hmmm. I didn’t know Ray Charles was Puerto Rican…or played viola!

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